School Advocacy Programs

Across the country, school and community leaders passionate about creating and sustaining great schools are recognizing that it's time for a fundamental shift in perspective, culture and activity. This shift is necessary to create the groundswell of motivated and powerful parent and community leaders needed to win on behalf of children. Backlash in major cities throughout the U.S. point to a need to proactively organize parents and school communities in order to protect and grow great schools. Just as school leaders do not start planning curriculum on the first day of classes; they shouldn’t wait to organize demand for great schools until after the school is open. We ensure that leaders take action when it counts.


  • Build grassroots leaders

  • Reflect the unique political, community and educational circumstances of each state, city or region.

  • Be consistent with schools' core educational mission.

  • Ensure the support of school leaders by developing programs closely aligned with their visions for advocacy.

  • Deliver real results.

Advocacy Readiness Composite (ARC).  

An Advocacy Readiness Composite is a scorecard tool that reports on organizational capacity across four key indicators:

  1. Skills

  2. Capacity

  3. Culture

  4. Strategy