Clarion River is a network of organizers, coaches, IT, finance and strategy experts who work with mission-driven people and organizations to create, grow and transform organizations, new initiatives, campaigns, and coalitions.

The team is led by David Sailer, founder and owner of the Clarion River Group.  He is a long-time organizer, advocate, and organizational development strategist.  Clarion River draws from the environmental, labor, international, political, community organizing and education reform movements to provide a breadth of perspective and fresh thinking to catalyze successful engagements.


  • As I’ve developed my own leadership capacity, David’s management and supervisory experience has been an invaluable resource.”  

  • “Leadership coaching allowed me to consider deep organizational challenges.   David’s warmth and sense of humor created a great environment for our work together.”

  • “Twice a month, David provided me clear answers to my most pressing work problems, helping me figure out exactly how to move forward.”  

  • “Clarion River’s training was tailored exactly to our needs. Feedback was more than positive - some said it was the best training they’d ever attended.”

  • “Clarion River helped us do more than just update our database - they helped us step back and create a strategic vision that included updating our processes, training our staff and improving our technology.“ 

  • “Clarion River’s suite of evaluation and implementation tools provided the necessary framework to move ahead on a major infrastructure project with confidence.”