Clarion River is a network of organizers, coaches, communications, strategy and data experts who work with mission-driven people and organizations to create, grow and transform organizations, new initiatives, campaigns, and coalitions.

Clarion River draws from the environmental, labor, international, political, community organizing and education reform movements to provide a breadth of perspective and fresh thinking to catalyze successful engagements.


Adrienne Nyamsi Partner

Adrienne is an organizer, campaign operative, education equity advocate and leadership development facilitator. She has worked on hyper-local, city and state-wide political and issues-based campaigns and programs in leadership capacities across the country. She has also designed and led family advocacy and organizing experiences for those committed to ensuring that access to a great education truly equitable.


David Sailer


David is a long-time organizer, advocate, coach and organizational development strategist.

He has a background in labor, housing, education and political organizing. David has worked across the US and in Central America teaching and training organizers.