Organizational Development and Transformation

Clarion River specializes in supporting mission-driven organizations to transform, scale and reinvent.   Addressing a single system, symptom or issue invites a deeper transformation of interlocking systems and issues that can amplify greater positive change.   Clarion River drives organizational development and strategic change that foster creative environments in which leadership and teamwork can flourish.

Focus Areas

  • Coaching

  • Workshops and Meeting facilitation

  • Strategic Planning

  • Communications

  • Finance and Budgeting Analysis and Support

  • Information Technology and database management

Clarion River Group Programs

  • Leadership development

  • Supervision and time-management

  • Organizing curriculum in English and Spanish

  • Comprehensive strategic campaigns

  • Organization start-ups, turnarounds, and transformation

I had no formal training on how to manage a budget of an organization. David’s time, patience and extensive expertise of finances and organizational administration, helped me to learn and help lead our organization to a better financial position.
— Lisa Gude
Political and Community Affairs Representative

Clarion River’s training was tailored exactly to our needs. Feedback was more than positive - some said it was the best training they’d ever attended.”

“Clarion River helped us do more than just update our database - they helped us step back and create a strategic vision that included updating our processes, training our staff and improving our technology.“ 

”Clarion River’s suite of evaluation and implementation tools provided the necessary framework to move ahead on a major infrastructure project with confidence.